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24 Hours Service Hotline:

Skype: maplebio
Tel: +86-371-23835552
Mobile: +86-15837868827
WhatsApp: +86-15837868827
Wechat: jessicawang8817

Private Labeling

Private labeling of natural health products have a significant advantage of cost-effective, scientifically flexibility of custom formulation and protection for long-term marketing and branding investment. It allows you to showcase the uniqueness of your product, also capture the attention of your customers.

Our professional team would help you design an effective strategy to truly brand your products. Custom logos, labels, and packaging created for your specific target audience can produce a significant return on investment for your business!

Red Maple Leaf would work and support with our clients along the way.


As your trusted private label supplement manufacturer, we understand how crucial it is to develop a strong, cohesive brand in order to build a loyal customer base for your private label supplements.

Red Maple Leaf has been working with many successful brands in the past 12 years. A contract manufacturer is required not only offering the service but also being a strategic partner who would work for the brands for the long- team success. Our professional team would start from first time of meeting our clients, to understand our client requirement for products, and marketing strategy and regulatory requirement.

Our marketing team constantly monitors the latest industry trends. Our staff always goes one step further to help you grow your business. We are dedicated to offering marketing advice and help clients meet regulatory requirements.

Logo Design

A fine design can truly help a lot to sell a product. The first impression your customer has of your product is the label and packaging- don't let a customer walk away because your label does not express the correct message!

Product logos capture the attention of consumers. Weknow that a logo can be a key component to creating an attractive, effective and memorable product line.

Our graphic designers have years of experience in traditional advertising and logo creation. Theywill design your very own eye-catching labels that efficiently portray your marketing message and help yourproduct stand out in the marketplace.

What is more, the design will be FREE of charge with a minimum order of 1000 bottles.

Much of your success will be based on the label design, so don't miss out on this opportunity!

HOT LINE:    +86-371-23835552

World Headquarters

Red Maple Leaf Biological  Technology Co., LTD.NO.6 310 State  Road,Industrial Park Of Gulou District,
Kaifeng City, Henan Province,
  • Contacts:    MS. Jessica Wang
  • Skype:     maplebio
  • Mobile:     +86-15837868827
  • E-mail:
  • Wechat:     jessicawang8817
  • WhatsApp:     +86-15837868827

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